Every Day is a Gift

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Once again, I was focusing on the funk that has seemed to settle in and make itself at home in my life.  Life is busy, life gest hard, what direction am I to go… these are a few of the things that have caused this so-called funk. And bear with me, funk was the word that came to mind…

Today I received a wakeup call.  Life is so short.  We are not promised tomorrow.  It is up to us to choose to live life to the fullest.

Sometimes someone loses their life without a moment’s notice, while others fight for theirs. My heart breaks for these people and for their families.  I don’t even have words to explain the stirring going on in my heart.

Today, I have been given the gift of life.  I woke up this morning and was able to kiss my amazing husband, hug my wonderful children.

Over the past few days, I have heard stories that break my heart.  They have awakened my soul to the vast gift each day is. Sure, I know each day is a gift, but I don’t live like it is… not lately.

It’s okay to be in a funk.  It’s okay to be in a reflective state of figuring out my next steps and have so many questions at heart.  It, however, is not okay to let that steal my joy or consume my thoughts.

It’s a blessing to feel the sun on my face, to embrace my family, to laugh, smile, run and play, and worship God.

I had a rough mommy day on Tuesday.  You know, the kind where I am impatient, they are not in good moods and we are just blah… well today I asked myself how I would feel had that been my last day.  I cannot even begin to explain what that very thought did to me.  It broke my heat.  This is not to say bad days can’t or won’t happen.   It is not to say I will handle every day gracefully.  And I certainly at no point will ever be perfect.  Or even close to it for that matter. But many of my rough mommy days could have either been avoided or volumes better than they were.  It is often times my perspective, my heart.  Where am I at with the Lord on these rough mommy days?  Am I feeling sorry for myself?  Am I being selfless?  Could it be that I just need to change our total focus that day? Could it be that I need to choose joy?… you know the kind the bible talks about. Where we are to be joyful in all circumstances. How much different would those days be?

I am so thankful for the reminders I am given… I am not promised tomorrow. How will I live today?



2 thoughts on “Every Day is a Gift

  1. Very powerful words today Kristen. I know very well those blah days and how hard it is to choose joy. But you are so right on when you say we are not promised tomorrow. Today is a gift. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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