health & fitness journey

Today was day one of a new health & fitness journey for me.  I have always loved working out.  I get up early most mornings to make sure I get a workout and devotions in. I have tried to eat a healthy diet.  But I recently have not been feeling as healthy.  Part of it is the fact that the holidays were just here…  And I have a major sweet tooth. The other part is that I have hit a bit of a rut.  I need something different.  A new challenge.  Renewed motivation.

This morning my neighbor and I started a new workout program that is quite intense.  I am super excited to do it together. I can’t hit snooze because she is coming over.  And she pushes me.  It’s good.  I want to get more muscle definition, become stronger, have more endurance and expand my lung capacity which is good for my asthma.  Those are a lot of goals.  But with each day that I work hard and give it all I’ve got, I get closer and closer to achieving those goals.  I become healthier.

Now back to that sweet tooth…  I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to eat it.  Not so much anymore.  And not just from a gain a few pounds aspect, but also I just don’t feel as good when I am not eating well. I am more sluggish, moody even. And I start to crave carbohydrates and sugar.  It’s a hard habit for me to break. Food really affects us.  It is quite crazy.  This year I want to focus on saying no to sugar, soda, processed foods, white flower.  And focus on eating whole, healthy foods.  I know enough about nutrition, thanks to the passion my dad gave me, to know what actually happens on the inside of my body when I don’t eat well.  It affects so much more then the outward things I see – moodiness and feeling sluggish.

Why the blog post?  A few reasons.  Fist of all, accountability.  When I know I have put something out there, it holds me accountable.  It reminds me to make healthy choices.  Secondly, I wrote this for you.  I hope that there is someone out there that will be inspired to choose a healthier lifestyle.  To go on this fitness journey with me.

I need to keep in mind that changed does not happen over night (bummer).  I have to be consistent.  I have to work hard.  I have to make good decisions.  I also need to keep in mind that I will totally blow it.  And that is totally okay! But when I do, I need to get up the next day and be thankful that each day starts fresh and new.  And with that, I need to get back on track and give it all I got.

I want this year to be different then those past.  I want to take my health and fitness to a new level.  I want to do it for me but also my family.  A healthier me is a gift to those around me. So with that said, let’s do this!!!



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