Realistic New Years Resolutions

The year is coming to a close. So what do I do? I reflect. First, I look back on the year and I thank God for all the ways in which He has blessed me. I count my blessings. I praise Him for all the things He has done in and through me. Secondly, I take some time to look at the things I would have liked to do differently. This is the part where it could be easy to get discouraged. This is the reason I think so many people just don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. People often say they never keep them anyways. One reason for that is that we often set the bar too high for ourselves. Setting goals that sound amazing but are really hard to obtain. We put so much pressure on ourselves to meet these goals or else we are deemed a failure. Incapable of reaching the goals we set.

new years

*This is a quote that I got from Facebook*

Wow, can I relate to that!  That sums it up so perfectly.

I have always made New Year’s Resolutions. I have done it all different ways. Sometimes leaving myself less then challenged while other times leaving myself feeling like I can’t do anything right.

I think that New Year’s Resolutions are important because they challenge me to be the best that I can be. Many times the same ones appear on my list year after year. But that does not mean I failed. Some things are lifelong goals. And year after year if we continue to strive for change, we are inching our way towards it. Most real life change, most change that is worth mentioning, takes time. It is not a makeover occurring from one day to the next. Most change occurs from taking steps every day, year after year.

Here are some examples of goals that you might find on my list of New Year’s Resolutions. Realistic Resolutions. You’ll notice they are not followed by the words “every day”.   Because that is not realistic. I am then setting myself up to fail.

1) Spend more time with the Lord

2) Workout and eat healthy

3) Work on being more patient

4) Learn to relax

5) Live life to the fullest

6) Choose Joy

7) Read more

You get the idea.

Some might ask why I waste my time making goals that just reoccur. Well, for me, it helps me to stay focused on things that are important. It challenges me to continue to seek change. To not become just okay with the way things are but to strive for more than okay. To want lifelong change. To want to better myself. Each year, there are things I look back on that I would like to change. But at the same time there are many things that I look back on and know I worked hard. That I tried. And if I allow it to, each triumph as well as each shortfall in my eyes will make me stronger. Because with each step I take and with each year that goes by, I am striving to be all that God has made me to be.

If I never took the time to set goals, I probably wouldn’t take the time to reflect. And for me, there is so much to be learned from both.

Happy New Year, friends! May this year be a year where we seek to become all we were made to be.



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