back in routine…today

I have been going, going, going.  I know that is very surprising to hear from me (insert sarcasm).  I kept telling myself that once we got into the swing of things with school it would slow down.  Nope, sure didn’t.  Okay, well then surely after October.  Maybe I just needed another month to catch up to the routine.  No, that didn’t happen either.  Now, I sit here ready to say after Christmas it will slow down.

But I am not going to let myself go there.  I am going to slow down now.  Because I want to enjoy this time of year.  I want to take it all in.  I want to hold on to the memories made this wonderful season.  I want to have time, without being frazzled, to hold my family close as we remember the birth of our Savior.

That sounds easy enough, right?  No, this time of year screams “go go go. Faster.”  Why do we do it all?  I have to learn how to slow down this time of year.  It has helped to say no to things.  It has helped to breath a little more deeply 🙂

This morning I got up early, exercised, read my bible and had some coffee before the kids were up.  That is my normal routine.  It is what starts my day off right.  I was determined that I wasn’t going to wait until after Christmas to start back to the routine that I so enjoy.  I just get tired and sleep in 🙂  Which, sometimes is okay to do.  But when I get up early, my day starts off in the right direction.  I have taken care of me… and as a mom that’s usually not first on the list…. and I have spent time with the Lord.  This sets the tone for the whole day.

So, this year, I am going to stick with my morning routine so that I can be refreshed and enjoy all that this beautiful season brings.  I am going to pray each morning that God will give me the energy and direction for each day.  That I am productive and that I let go of the little things that keep me busy but get me no where.

Each and every season of my life is busy.  I always have good reasons to keep going at record speed.  As if aiming for exhaustion is the goal.  But that is not how I want my life to look.  And so I start today.  Back in my routine that brings me peace and refreshes me.  It gives me strength for this journey of life.  Because if I don’t start today, I may be sitting here next month saying, “after this month it will slow down”.

What kind of things do you do this time of year that help you slow down, refresh and enjoy this Christmas season?



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