One of my favorite things ever, is sitting inside on a cold winter day, fire going, drinking tea and watching the snow fall. Here I am, in the mountains,  gazing out the window, with a cup of hot tea, while watching it snow.  Wow, is this beautiful! There is a certain calm and peaceful feeling that has come over me.

In the winter everything turns brown, leaves fall, and eventually the ground is bare.  It is not a beautiful sight.  It’s colorless.  Lifeless.  Often messy.

And then… it snows.  And slowly the ground and the trees are covered in a beautiful white powder.  A mesmerizing beauty.  One that replenishes the soul.

Life.  It is sometimes not very pleasing.  There are moments that are ugly and bare.  Colorless, with not much to be desired.

Just as the snow falls and covers the earth beneath it in a blanket of beauty, God brings beauty to life.  A beauty that captivates us. That restores.

In those not so wonderful moments, we have hope.  Hope that God will make something beautiful out of the bare, not so lovely circumstances of life.  And as we rest in His arms, we watch as His grace covers us.  A grace so captivating, so lovely, so refreshing.



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