We all deal with so much pain.  Life is hard.  And it throws things our way that leave us with unanswered questions. Anger.  Sadness.  Defeat. It leaves us feeling alone. Feeling as if no one gets it.  No one understands the depth of the pain.  They don’t understand the helplessness and often hopelessness that consumes our day. We are pained by the reality of the life that we live.  The hardship we face.

I was there.  I have been there more then once.  I want you to know that you are not alone.  I may not completely understand your unique story, but I get the depths from which your pain comes.  I understand the feelings of helplessness.  Hope is so desired but hard to find.

I have wrestled and struggled with God.  I have shaken my fist.  I have loudly said it isn’t fair.  I have cried from the depths of my soul.

Where did I find peace?  Rest?  Hope?  Healing?  It was in the arms of my God.  And I mean one hundred percent.  He had to carry me through such journey’s.  I could not do it in my own strength.  And when I surrendered my pain, not only did the Lord life me up, but He strengthened me.  No easy journey, but a road worth traveling for sure.

I am sorry friend, for your pain.  Please know your not alone.  Know that God wants to carry you and give you peace and hope.  He will meet you where your at.



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