growing up so fast

Tonight I had the privilege of staying up with my oldest daughter, Hailey, enjoying girl talk.  I was tucking her in and she said she wanted to talk. It’s honestly incredible what goes through their heads and hearts at that age.  I felt honored that she shared her heart with me.

She was talking about college even… what?! And it hit me, she is growing up so fast. So fast.  You hear every parent say that time flies.  Does it ever!  She will be 8 in March and guess what that means?  She will go to college in like 10 years… WOW (insert jaw dropped expression on my face and tears in my eyes).  I am so proud of her and so honored and blessed to be her mom.  But I am not ready for all that.  I know, I know, I still have 10 years. But the idea of her getting older and seeing how she changes and matures, reminds me that I have to hold on.  Appreciate the moments that I have. Embrace those times she wants to chat.

Life gets so busy but one of the best ways for me to spend my time is sitting on the edge of my daughters bed having girl talk.

Thank you Lord for the precious gift of my children.  Thank you for the honor of being their mother.  Please help me to continue to embrace and appreciate the moments with them.



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