Lord, I need You

Lord I need you!

I need you to guide me. Direct me. Lord, I feel like your doing a work in me. And two emotions come to mind for me. I’m excited & nervous. Because I know growth and change comes from hard work. Im all about working hard but it’s when the heart is challenged that it gets real hard. And right now I have felt as if I can’t seem to get my head above water. I’m uncomfortable. Stirred up. Wrestles. Lord, I feel that when I try to do something you have clearly called me to, distractions are thrown at me. Life gets busier. And it’s already busy. So busier just means crazy. Help me Lord to put everything aside and make more time for You!

We are here for one reason and that is to bring glory to You. To live for You. To make an impact on this world. Lord, You are bigger then anything I face in this life. And You will give me strength to be everything You call me to be. Lord strengthen me. Give me peace & joy that only come from You. I want my life to have a greater meaning and purpose then I can create. I want it to come from You. Lord, change my heart. Make me more like You. Make me brave and courageous to do what it is You have called me to do.

Thank you Lord for loving me. And for holding my hand through trying & chaotic times. Thank You for molding me and changing my heart. I completely, fully trust You with all that I am. I am willing to do what You call me to do knowing that it probably won’t be easy. Anything worth while usually isn’t.

Lord, I need You!
I love you!


Do you ever feel this way? Like God has called you to do something but life’s distractions keep you from doing it? I’d love to hear from you.


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