Mothers Day

Mothers Day


First thing that comes to mind is BLESSED!  So blessed!  Our two sweet precious girls have filled up our lives!  They call me mommy everyday.  They hug me.  They tell me that they love me.  We laugh together.  Play hard.  Enjoy each moment.  I have the honor and the privilege of raising them.  I am indeed blessed.


Mothers day also bring to mind that I am blessed to call my mom, mom. What an amazing women she is.  A women who loves the Lord with all her heart.  Who loves my daddy with all shes got.  Who is a precious Nana to my children.  And who has walked though EVERYTHING in my life with me.  Often times holding me along the journey.  She is my role model.  My hero.  And the type of mom that I pray  I become.  She is one of my very best friends.


I am blessed by the legacy of my Grandmother, whom we call Nonnie!  She was an amazing women of God who loved her family well!


I am blessed to have the two precious babies that God gave us for just a short time.  To love them and hold them close.  To have them love me in return.  I will always love them and hold them in my heart.  My dear sweet precious baby girl will always be just that – my dear sweet precious baby girl –  I miss you today honey but thank God for the time I had with you even if it was too short.


Thank you Lord, for blessing me this mothers day and always.  For giving me so many to love!





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