Just Be

I have been feeling off lately and trying to figure out why.  I miss my Grandma.  I miss my sweet little girl.  There have been doors closed that I didn’t think would be.  And all the while I am feeling a little lost.  And I am trying to find myself.  I was chatting with my mom tonight and she said that I am defined by Christ.  Not by what I do.  Yah, I know that… but yet, I don’t live like I know that – at least not lately.  I need to be praying that God will reveal His plan for my life and what He wants me to do… I need to let go of everything I thought I would be or thought I would do and hold tightly to the truth that God designed me.  He knows the plans He has for my life.  I need to put my hand in the Lords, quite trying to figure it out – and let Him lead.  I have been so busy lately trying to “find myself” when what I need to do it surrender myself.  My life is His.  I am here for one purpose.  I spend so much time planning what’s next and what I should be and what I want to be.  So, what do I do? (Besides stop running around trying to find me and define me).  I sit still – I listen – and I obey.  Just be.  Where God wants me.  Where God calls me.  Be who He made me to be.  Be defined not by what I do but by Christ. Life is a journey, my friends.  But one that is filled with so much hope and joy and purpose when lived for Christ.





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