Sweet Reminders

I gave my testimony today.  Thank you for praying!


It was hard to journey back.  It was. As I spoke today, I cried… I guess that should come as no shock considering I cry… It is just what I do.  I spoke about our sweet baby in front of a fairly large group of women.  It was the first time that I had done that.  I miss her but speaking today was such a blessing and honor because I know God was glorified in it.  I am so thankful that our story is being used by God.  It makes it that much more okay to have gone through it.


I must say that I am tired.  After the time spent preparing and then talking about her I am worn out.  But, I am okay.  In fact, I came home today and the song came in my head that talks about being blessed.  And you know what – I am so blessed.  And I am so thankful for that.  I was looking at the two sweet girls God has given me and just thinking how grateful I am for them – how precious they are.  God has given us three precious daughters, two of which I get the privilege and honor of raising with my amazing husband Aaron.  And our other daughter that we got to hold close for 7 weeks and that we get to love the rest of our lives.  All three of which are sweet reminders of God’s Grace and Love!  Of His Blessings!




I came across this blog post that I had written… you should read it. It talks about blessings and that some come from hardships…..



2 thoughts on “Sweet Reminders

  1. Hey girlie! It was great to hear your testimony this morning! Thanks for having the courage to do that. Even though I mostly know your story, it is so wonderful to remember that God has greater plans for us than we know & that He is good all the time. Thanks for blessing me!

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