HELLO 2013



I sit here staring out he window wondering where in the world I will get energy… the holidays left me full of sugar and deprived of sleep.  That is not a great combination.  And yet, routine came knocking at my door this morning… I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 after hearing my alarm go off like 5 times.  I know how good it feels once I am up – it is just remembering that at 5 AM when I hear my alarm.


So, here I am once again trying to get back to a routine.  A routine that has me taking time for God, working out and showering before the kids are up.  A routine that gives me the balance that I need.


2012 brought blessings.  I am so thankful for the many ways that God has blessed us.  I have a wonderful husband who is my best friend.  He is the love of my life and I so enjoy him.  I am blessed to be the mommy of two amazing little girls.  They are just soo much fun and they fill my life up!!! God has blessed us with a home that is more then we dreamed it would be.  With neighbors that are becoming good friends.  And it is closer to many of the things that we do and many of our close friends. Blessed.


2012 brought loss.  We lost my Grandma, Nonnie.  You know, there is really never a good time to let go of someone you love.  Especially before you think it is time.  But, I have seen God.  He has held me.  He has brought healing and strength.


I could say that 2013 I will workout every day, have devotions every day, put a hot meal on the table every night, be a loving and patient mom, love my husband well and be a wonderful friend, etc, etc, etc.  But let me be honest…. those are things that I will try for every day – but they will not happen every day.  And honestly they will rarely happen at all if I rely on my own strength.  Good thing I don’t have to.


So, hello 2013.  What will you bring? Some of it I can not control, nor would I want to.  But there are things that I can… I will continue to work on spending more time with the Lord – knowing Him better.  I will strive to be a good wife to my husband, always lifting him up in prayer, and honoring him.  I will work on being the best mommy that I can be to my sweet, precious girls – always cherishing them, loving them well and showing them Christ.


If there is one thing I was reminded of in 2012 that I will take with me into 2013 it is this:  We never know how long we have.  Nor do we know how long we have with the people around us.  I want to make every minute count.  Because I don’t know how many minutes are left.  But above all, I want to live my life for Christ.


What will I do this year that will make 2013 stand out?


So, here’s to 2013.  May it be a wonderful year.  God bless you!!!  And in the words of my 2 year old Aleah, “CHEERS”.




2 thoughts on “HELLO 2013

  1. I love you previous daughter. Nonnie left us a note that said ” I will be waiting.” What a wonderful day it will be when we are all united with those we love in heaven.

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