Today I am writing about one of the most amazing women I know.  My Grandma.  We have always called her Nonnie.  I have always been close to Nonnie – she is truly someone to enjoy and love.  She has such a big heart for people.  I am writing today through my own tears knowing that one day, really soon, she will be rejoicing with Jesus.  Her days are numbered.  But that is not what I wanted to talk about.

I want to talk about her legacy. Legacy, my friends.  She has imprinted so many lives with the love of Jesus.  She has loved like Him.  She has sacrificed.  She has raised her family to know and love Jesus.  She focused on the things that really matter.  She made a difference in this world.  A difference that will carry on forever.

Her life is one to celebrate. Celebrate how she lived and how she loved.  Celebrate the warm, caring person that she is.  She is and always will be my dear, sweet, precious, wonderful Nonnie.  And forever she will hold a very special place in my heart.

What am I doing with my life?  Am I loving like Jesus?  Am I being His hands and feet?  Her legacy has definitely been lived out in my mom.  But, I also want it to live out in me.  It means making the most of every moment – before it is too late.  It means even in the little things. Loving and caring for people.  Loving and enjoying my children every day.  That, my friends is what my mom did.  And that is a big part of why I am who I am today.  Because she made each moment count.  Because she loved and still loves like Jesus.

When life is coming to an end, we tend to ask what it is that we lived for?  Will our legacy live on and continue to impact lives for Christ?  I know that my Grandma, Nonnie can go in peace and joy, because for her the answer is yes.  Her legacy will live on.

I feel that I did not do this justice at all… but then again, I just needed to write it.  My heart is in a constant state of bitter sweet.  It is grieving.  It is rejoicing. And it is grateful for the legacy.

Maybe more on that… we shall see.


Dear sweet Nonnie,

I love you!  I am so thankful for the legacy that you are leaving.  I am so thankful for you.

When I think back to growing up, one very fun story comes to mind.  We were camping.  And you heard a knock on the tent trailer door.  Only to open it and find me standing outside.  You must have been horrified as you looked into my little face as I said, “Nonnie, can I come in?”  You found out that the bed was not buttoned and I had fallen out.  I will say, that must be why I love to camp and why I am not afraid to get dirty.  After all, I learned young.  I love the times we would camp and go over the loopty loos on our bikes.  The times we would make fruit salad with Pop and fresh squeezed orange juice with the oranges from your tree.

And today, I love the relationship that we share.  I value the wisdom that you have given me.  I love the heart talks we have had.  The laughs we have shared.  I enjoy the sweet relationship that you have with Aaron – he loves you!  I love that my children know and cherish you.  I love that you got to be a part of their lives.  Although, I wish it was longer.  But I am so thankful for the time that they got with you. Because knowing you, is one of the best gifts this life could give them.

Thank you Nonnie for loving us all so well.  Thank you so much for your legacy of faith.  Even though I am sad, my heart rejoices knowing that you soon will be in Jesus arms. Your going home Nonnie.  We will miss you until we see you again.

Love you sooo much!



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