My Baby Is a Kindergartener….

My baby is a kindergartener….


Yes, I called her my baby.  No, I will not stop.  I love this precious sweet girl that God has blessed us with.  She is amazing.  Wonderful.  Sweet.  Caring.  Funny. Beautiful.  Smart…. ok, you get the idea.  Here is a letter I wrote for her….


Dear sweet Hailey,


I love you so much honey.  I am so proud and so honored to be your mommy.  It is a blessing that I thank God for every single day.  You have filled my life with so much joy. I just love being around you.  Because your you.  I am excited for this next phase in your life – in our lives.  But I must say, sometimes I look at you and think how much you have grown – how quickly the time goes by.  Which is why I am so glad that I have treasured the time.  I am excited to see how God is going to use you sweetheart – He has such an amazing plan for your life.  As you start in on this next chapter in your life just know that no matter what Daddy and I will always be your biggest cheerleaders… always believing in you and encouraging you to be the best you can be.  To always live your life for Christ.


I love you sweetheart!




It is so fun to see my children grow. Each phase of their life offers new challenges as well as new blessings.  I just love being their mommy.



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