Life is changing my friends – always changing.  When I am in the middle of a lot of changes it rocks my world.  I have been so eager to get back into routine because I work well that way.  But let me just say that this September brought on a lot of new things for me.  A lot.  God revealed that He does not want us to do foster care again.  That is something I am still trying to adjust to even though I know it is God’s will – and truly I am okay with it.


And then there is my 5 year old.  This age is so fun because she has so many interests.  It is also so busy because she has so many interests.  And adjusting to a good homeschool routine is something new.  Did you know that just because we choose to homeschool, it does not mean that I will have more time in the day?  Huh!  Seems a bit crazy to me.  But, I love it and I would not trade it for more time.  It has just taken some adjusting.


I gotta fit it all in… and on top of it I am getting up at 5 again to workout and have devotions and shower.  So, by 10pm, I am ready for bed – I mean by 10 it really feels like 12.


What is the point of this blog?  You know,  I am not sure except I think to just get it all out.  I am the type of person that always stays one step ahead.  But, lately, I seem to be a step behind.  I want to to get ahead again… I think I will. It will just take some time.  Or maybe I am entering another phase of life where I am just going to be 1 step behind – no, that couldn’t be….


I just have a lot on my plate right now.  I have to figure out how to prioritize – and juggle : )


I miss blogging.  I miss taking some time to sit and write.  Do you remember my blog post a few (probably months back, considering I have been a blogging slacker) when I talked about sitting still?  Yah – I think that I need to to go back and read that again.  Yes, I do.  So, I am going to try and have a healthy balance in life.  I think, no, I know it is really important.


I rambled a lot… I feel better though…. Thanks for listening!




One thought on “Crossroads…

  1. Once my twins were old enough to go to school in addition to their activities (swim lessons, gym, karate), I’ve never felt caught up. There’s always something else to be done, with not enough time to do it. Get used to feeling a step behind, though it won’t feel so bad as long as the priorities are in order: God first, family next. All else is icing on the cake :-).

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