Sit Still

Sit still.

Do what?  Like, how still?

Many of you may think I am talking to my children – but oh no… this blog is for me.

My husband walked in and looked at me and paused…. and our interaction went like this:

Me: I am just going to sit here for a minute and chill.

Him: WOW!  Really?  I don’t believe it

5 minutes later he came in and I was up doing stuff:

Him: I thought that you were going to chill….

Me:  I did!

Him:  That is what I thought…

Me (not out loud of course but in my head)  Hmmmm….. Good point!

You see, I am a busy bee. I like to be on the move.  I have a need to be on the move.  I don’t sit still – ever really.  And even when I am sitting still, I am not very still for very long.

Another conversation:

Hailey does not take naps anymore… except today.

I text Aaron:

Me:  Both girls are sleeping….

Him:  Do you even know what to do? : )

Me: No!

What is the point of this blog post?  Easy – to remind me to try and learn how to sit still.  It is good for me.  So, every day during the kids nap and quiet time, I sit still for at least 30 minutes. Crazy is what it is… I think I need a booster seat that I am strapped in to with a 30 minute timer so that I can’t move until it goes off – yah kinda weird…. but anyways, I have actually come to enjoy sitting – still even.  I write.  I email.  I read the bible. Sometimes I sit for a moment and do nothing just listening to the sound of nothing (yah- that is a whole other blog post).  But I just sit and let my “to do list”  wait till I am done.   Now – as the move gets closer someone check in to make sure I am still chillin for that 30 minutes a day.  I need accountability so that the busy little bee in me keeps up with this good habit.  I feel refreshed when I do.  It is, well, just nice!



3 thoughts on “Sit Still

  1. I so agree that this quiet time is so important…but it really does have to be intentional. My question to you is…did you write this in your quiet time? 🙂

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