Quit Comparing – You Are a Good Mom


She’s such a good mom. Perfect even. I don’t come close to perfect.

Her house is always clean. I shove stuff in closets when people are coming over.

Her kids are so well behaved. Mine are running around like monkeys.

She is so patient. I’m losing it.

She’s so organized. I can’t even find my keys.

She never yells. I try not to.

She is so cute and pretty and clean. Shoot, when is the last time I showered?

She volunteers. I am trying to keep my head above water.

She sews. I throw things away when they get a hole.

She cooks and bakes.  I think I have a recipe book.


When will we stop doing that to ourselves? It just leaves us feeling like a bunch of losers that don’t have it together. It makes us feel as if we always come up short… thinking if only I could be more like that!


Yes, kids talk back and throw fits. They are messy which equals a messy house. They do not listen at times – some days they don’t listen at all. Kids need us and sometimes it is hard to meet their every need. But that does not mean you failed them.

Some days we, as moms, are impatient. Busy. Tired. Over it. Stressed. And messy ourselves.

Guess what though little mamas?????


Even the fancy little mama who seems to have it all together… Who’s hair is actually done and she doesn’t have food on her clothes and does not seem a bit flustered. Yes, even her….

Are we perfect? Heck no – kinda the point here…. however, that does not mean that we chalk it all up to “not being perfect”. It means that we take a deep breath and give ourselves a break. It is our job to be the best mom to our children that we can. Not perfect – just the best we can. And to do that, we always have to keep working at it. But – that does NOT include beating ourselves up. Not ever. It does NOT include comparing. What it does mean is that we pray. That we change when we need to. That we admit the areas that we need to work on – and we work on them. And then from there, we leave the rest to God. He does not make mistakes. And He wants YOU to be your child’s mother. Not even the “looks like she’s got it all together mom”, could ever do it as well as you can with your own children. You, my friend, are a great mom.



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