Lovin Life

Hailey has VBS (Vacation Bible School) this week.  Can I tell you how awesome it is to watch a room full of kids loving life? Praising Jesus.  Singing.  Dancing. You can’t help but smile!


My two little girls inspire me to look at life differently.  Sure, they don’t know the hardships of life like we do – but in the midst of life, we can learn to enjoy it.


In the spring every time we pull up to the house Hailey looks to see if a new flower has come up.  When she sees one that has she squeals with delight and we all run over to see it.  Smell it.  Examine it’s every detail.  I love that Aleah even stops to do the same with weeds (not that I have those at my house).


When there is a bird outside – they sit in the window for a long time and watch it.


We were in bad traffic one day and Hailey said, “Mommy, is everyone stopped so they can enjoy the beautiful view?”  I looked and sure enough, the mountains looked amazing.  My answer, “No, but we should be”.  I don’t usually stop to enjoy the view – take the time out of life’s craziness and enjoy the little things – at least not as much as I should.


I love to sit on the floor with my children and watch their creativity as they play.  Help them learn and explore new things.  We love to turn on a CD and have a dance party.  That has got to be one of my favorite things with them… spinning around and around and laughing with all we’ve got. Sometimes we laugh so hard, we cry!


I love to go on nature hikes with the girls… see how they look at things with awe – dirt, flowers, rocks, trees, birds, ants.  Aleah, when we were camping, sorted rocks for like 30 minutes.  She loved it.


I love to watch their little faces when their Daddy comes home – they drop everything and run to him with open arms.


I love the way children enjoy books – they take in every word and even add their own.


I need to take a lesson from my children on how to love and enjoy all the things around me.  I need to stop once in awhile and look at the world through their eyes  – I learn a lot when I do – and I smile a lot when I do!


Thank you sweet girls, for teaching mommy how to love life like you do!  And for giving me constant reminders when I forget how! 




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