Time to Eat… Again??

Time to eat, again?  I don’t have time for this.  So much to do.

The other day I was wondering why our lives are so focused on food and eating… why God made us so that we need so much of it.  And believe me – I LOVE to eat and I LOVE to cook!!!  But it just takes so much time – I spend time meal planning and making my grocery list, going to the grocery store, making a meal, and then cleaning it up.  Most of the time I enjoy all that..  but some days it seems like a lot on top of the already busy day I have got going on.

But meal times cause me to slow down and spend time with the ones that matter most, doing what matters most… Taking time throughout the day to connect with one another.  Spending uninterrupted quality time together laughing and asking about each others days.   Of course when I say uninterpreted I say that as I am leaning over to pick food up off the floor, jumping out of my chair to grab more milk or a spoon or some ketchup, telling my little one not to throw food as apple sauce is dripping down my shirt – you now – the usual.  You may know what it is like to “sit” when your a mom.  I have springs in my backside. Back to the point – It does cause me to slow down and focus on my family.  Everything that goes into making a meal is worth that time that I get with them.

Every night at dinner we take turns asking each other what our favorite part of our day was.  Tonight Hailey in her sweet little voice said, “Mommy, what was was your favorite part of your day?’ My answer was not: checking email or Facebook, cleaning, laundry, yard work, or any of the others things that it takes to keep a household running.  No – my response, “Spending quiet time with Jesus in the morning, spending time with you sweet girls, and when daddy comes home from work and spending time as a family.”  I love the precious time that I have with my family.  That is the most important way I can spend my time.  God knew that we not only needed meal time to nourish our bodies, but also to nurture our relationships.

I, of course, have to remind myself of this often…. Sit.  And just enjoy. And of course, eat!



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