“Your Gonna Miss This”

There was a song that popped in my head the other day.  It is by Trace Adkins called “Your Gonna Miss This”.


Some of the lyrics go like this:


“Your gonna miss this.  Your gonna want this back.  Your gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast. These are the good times.  So take a good look around.  You may not know it now.  But these are the good times.”


You should totally listen to this song if you have not.  It is a good one!


The song popped in my head on a day that was, well, craaazzzyyyy……


But it made me stop and think.  These days will go by fast…. they already have.  I want to make the most of them.  The most of these days with my young kiddos.  They are precious days filled with all sorts of adventures.  It does not mean that you will enjoy every single second of every single day.  These days are great – but lets be honest, they are also very challenging.


So how do I make the most of the days when the kids are yelling, no one is listening and I am starting to wonder who runs the show around here anyways?  I don’t enjoy those times – I get through them.  But when they are over they are over and I grasp on to the little things that make being a mommy so wonderful.  And even in my hardest days there are always little things throughout the day that are worth grasping. It is in those challenging days that God grows me as a mom and He grows my children too.


I know that one day I will wake up and my babies won’t be babies anymore – some would even try to say they are not anymore : /  Okay – maybe they would be right.  I love the different phases that my children go through as they learn what type of person it is that God has made them.  I feel honored that I get to be a part of that journey with them.  What a joy.


You know what brought all this up for me?  Lack of patience – yes – again.  You will hear that P word a lot… it’s the word that I will forever search for the meaning of and will always strive to master.


Sometimes I just get tired – you know.  Tired of juggling, of saying no, of cleaning up messes, of breaking up arguments.  But I never ever ever ever get tired of hearing mommy, and getting kisses and hugs, and hearing my children talk about Jesus, and ask me to play with them, and have them read me a book and…. that list could go on for days.  I guess my point is that I need to stay focused.  I may not miss some of the day to day craziness – but that all goes hand in hand with the beautiful, wonderful, precious moments of being a mother.  So, at the end of the day – I will take it.  All of it.  I will just pray that in the hard days, God gives me His strength to be a good mom to my children. To appreciate and enjoy them even when the day seems to drag on.  To look at those precious faces every single day, no matter the circumstances, and appreciate them.  Give them all I have got.  And that means always striving to be a better mom.  Working on that P word….  patience.  And leaning on God when I feel like I don’t have an ounce of it left.


So, I am going to take a good look around and soak it all up!




One thought on ““Your Gonna Miss This”

  1. You do not know how right you are, time does pass quickly. And it seems to move faster as you get older. I applaud your seeking the good and special from evey day because it is the every day that you and the kids will remember. Like the bedtime routine, praying before a meal asking daddy about his day at work. Their lives are composed of all the “little things” that add up to the big thing – growing them up God’s way. And it does not mean we are perfect mothers, far from it, but with the survival comes blessings that only God is the Master of. Like when your son of 30 some years hugs you like he still needs his mom to know his world is stable and solid. So keep trying “press on to the mark”. And by the way give my grand girls hugs from Grandma Michi

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