Yikes – what a fun word : /  But, I want to live a life of discipline.  Let me start by giving you a glimpse of my morning routine….


5:30 (want to start getting up at 5) – Wake up

5:45 – Workout

6:15 – Shower and get ready for the day

6:45 – Quiet time with God


Sounds pretty impressive huh?  Well, I am not consistent.  I know I have young children and I am tired  but I am so much better for them and for me when I take this time in the morning.  Scratch everything else if at least I get up in time to have quiet time with God – the most important time.  I am so much more patient, loving and kind when I do.  But, I am not consistent with that either.  But I want to be – I need to be.


This is where discipline comes in.  For me, it is easy to make excuses why I don’t do these things.  But at the end of the day, it is because I lack discipline – and I am not saying that you do if you don’t get up at 5 or 5:30… that is just my own choice and when it works best for me to do those things that I find important.


I lack discipline when it comes to taking vitamins, going to bed at a decent time so that I can get up early, blogging, reading, and taking the steps to becoming a more patient mom – just to name a few…


I am never, ever going to have it all together all the time… no one is.  I just want to be more disciplined and make the most of my time – of my days.


So, I am going to work really hard to be more disciplined (I wonder how many times a person can use that word in one blog post).


Lets be honest, there will be some days when I sleep in because I am a tired mommy – and that is okay.


But for me, when I take time for God and time for me, I have a much better day!


I will report back on  how it goes being more disciplined.

Where in your life are you disciplined? Some tips perhaps on how you maintain that?




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