To my Mom on Mothers Day


Happy Mothers Day!  I am so blessed that I get to celebrate you all year.  I am the mom I am today because of you (and God of course).  You are such an amazing example of Christ and of His  love.  You have showed me what it means to love unconditionally – not matter what.  You have been here through all of life’s ups and downs.  You have been here to laugh with me – cry with me.  We have shared life’s most precious moments together.  I am so fortunate to have a mom that I can look up to – gain wisdom from and call one of my best friends.  I value the wisdom that I get from you.  I know that it speaks volumes into the mom I am today.  I thank God for the blessing of you!  Thank you for always believing in me, loving me and showing me how proud you are to be my mom.  Thank you for modeling what it looks like to be a Godly woman.  One who puts others before herself – always.  I love you mom!  I am so proud of you.  I love that next to God and Dad – your kids are everything to you.  It shows.  It is a legacy that you have passed on and we are so grateful.




One thought on “To my Mom on Mothers Day

  1. Kristen, thank you for your loving & kind words. I am both blessed & humbled by them. I find myself wondering today if this is my own mother, or your precious Nonnie’s, last Mothers Day on this earth. It is bittersweet to know the Lord is going to take her home soon. I find myself so grateful for her Godly influence & the heritage of faith she passed on to all of us. I’m just really going to miss her. I am so proud of your gift of writing & I smile to think of the generations of women, Nana Cardner, her Aunt Katie, Nonnie, & me whose faith & passion you now carry. God has truly blessed our family. I love you very much. You are carrying on my heart for dedication to God, husband, & your precious girls. This is truly the best life. It doesn’t get any better than this. Love you. Keep writing. Someone out there needs what you have to say.
    Always & forever your loving mom ; )

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