She has my daughters name

Last night was such a beautiful night.  Hailey had the great idea to do smores… we love having bonfires in the summer!  So she and I headed to the store to get the stuff for smores.  We had a blast running through the store together.

When we got to the checkout line I read the girls name tag.  She had the same name as my daughter.  I got really excited because I do not see that name very often.  I smiled and almost said, “you have the same name as my daughter”.  I caught myself as it sunk in…. she had the same name as the daughter I no longer have…. Ouch!  I wanted to cry but I didn’t.  I took a deep breath…

There are constant reminders like that for me… and the hard part last night was that it didn’t click for me right away.  I am just glad it did before I said something to her. That would have made it harder.

I held my two little girls close to me that night as we sat around our bonfire and made smores.  I soaked it all up and appreciated this moment that God had given us as a family.  It was precious!  I have learned through my loss to try and hold on to every moment!



One thought on “She has my daughters name

  1. I have totally done this- and then had those awkward moments explaining to a random person who just happen to name their son Caiden… It’s those little moments,… Sad to not share the things we think, but knowing it’s too hard to explain… Love u. Praying for her. Oxox

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