A Hard Phase

I am exhausted!  Life goes through so many phases… and we are at a point where things have to change.  Being a mommy is hard work.  And we are in a phase of parenting where I am being stretched.  I was getting so frustrated with my little girl… impatient, irritated… And then I started to beat myself up… what am I doing wrong?  Why is she acting this way?  I have never felt this way when it comes to parenting and man is it a difficult place to be.  I started thinking what I could have/should have done.  How I have messed up.  But my mom and husband helped me come back down from the blame game, what my mom calls “mommy guilt”.  I truly do the best job I know how.  So, I was left with evaluating what was going on and praying that God would give me wisdom and discernment as a mom.  God revealed things that I needed to work on as a mom… like being more patient and showing Christ no matter what my childs behavior.  After all Gods love for me is unconditional.  My mom really poured her wisdom out and I just, well, basically interviewed her….  She encouraged me in so many ways.  She told me not to beat myself up because it will not get me anywhere.  Instead pray and do something about it.  She said not to argue with my daughter because it is teaching her that it is a normal way to communicate.  She said it will cause really bad habits and damage in our relationship.  I am so blessed  to have the wisdom of my mom and dad.  Aaron and I sat down and prayed and set up some good family “rules” and talked about being consistent and not allowing certain behaviors.  Then we sat down as a family and talked about it and prayed together.  We told our daughter that we love her so much and that is why we can not allow her to behave that way.  I think that it is going to be really hard.  But I know it is best because in the end it is best for our daughter and it is honoring to Jesus when we all treat each other with love and respect.  And it is our responsibility to show her how to do that.  I love my kids so much and I pray that I am always changeable so that I can be the best mom to my children and always show them Christ.



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