Good Reminder

I have been so impatient the last few days.  However, today was a good day.  The girls and I had fun together.  My dad came to pick Hailey up to go to the airport to get my Grandma.  Hailey got in the car and said, “Love you mommy!  I promise I will come right home.”  Have you ever had one of those gut wrenching panics sweep over?  I went in and cried – I was scared.  What if she didn’t come home?   I just kept seeing her sweet little face smiling at me through the open window.  I prayed right away asking God to protect her and to bring her home. But it was in that moment that I was reminded of how precious life is.  How precious my two daughters are.  I felt bad for the few days I had been impatient. Sure, bad days happen and that is okay.  But I can’t just chalk it up to a bad day without realizing what precious little blessings are right in front of me.  They are motivation to become more patient. Every day with them, even the bad days, are a true gift from God . Having thoughts like I had about Hailey made me hold her even closer today.  I just would never want it to truly take something like that for me to realize that I wish I would have…..



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