Pogress in the making


I have got to say, I am excited about what is ahead.  I have been a busy little bee getting my website up and running.  Basically, I am switching over to a private web address.  I am doing this for many reasons and I am excited about it.

It has been a lot of work and a lot of fun as I research and get things set into place.  I hope to be launching it soon.  When I do, you will know!  I appreciate you being on life’s journeys with me.  I am looking forward to what’s ahead.

I do have to say, I will be adding some new things to my blog that I have yet to do here.  New topics, really. 🙂

You know what has kept me from moving full speed ahead in the past?  I know I have a lot to learn as a writer.  It is a little scary and intimidating to put myself out there for the world to see.  All the good & the bad.  I want to write in such a way that always points to Christ.  And that’s when it hit me.  I don’t have to be the best writer in the world… I just have to be willing to go where God is calling me.  Even if I am still unsure of what that means.  And along the way, I will learn and grow both as a writer and as me.

It is my hope, that through it all we can share life as we grow in the Lord.  That we can laugh together and cry together.  That we can be real.  That we can find hope, meaning, purpose and strength for our journey.

Thank you for joining me,



Every Day is a Gift

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Once again, I was focusing on the funk that has seemed to settle in and make itself at home in my life.  Life is busy, life gest hard, what direction am I to go… these are a few of the things that have caused this so-called funk. And bear with me, funk was the word that came to mind…

Today I received a wakeup call.  Life is so short.  We are not promised tomorrow.  It is up to us to choose to live life to the fullest.

Sometimes someone loses their life without a moment’s notice, while others fight for theirs. My heart breaks for these people and for their families.  I don’t even have words to explain the stirring going on in my heart.

Today, I have been given the gift of life.  I woke up this morning and was able to kiss my amazing husband, hug my wonderful children.

Over the past few days, I have heard stories that break my heart.  They have awakened my soul to the vast gift each day is. Sure, I know each day is a gift, but I don’t live like it is… not lately.

It’s okay to be in a funk.  It’s okay to be in a reflective state of figuring out my next steps and have so many questions at heart.  It, however, is not okay to let that steal my joy or consume my thoughts.

It’s a blessing to feel the sun on my face, to embrace my family, to laugh, smile, run and play, and worship God.

I had a rough mommy day on Tuesday.  You know, the kind where I am impatient, they are not in good moods and we are just blah… well today I asked myself how I would feel had that been my last day.  I cannot even begin to explain what that very thought did to me.  It broke my heat.  This is not to say bad days can’t or won’t happen.   It is not to say I will handle every day gracefully.  And I certainly at no point will ever be perfect.  Or even close to it for that matter. But many of my rough mommy days could have either been avoided or volumes better than they were.  It is often times my perspective, my heart.  Where am I at with the Lord on these rough mommy days?  Am I feeling sorry for myself?  Am I being selfless?  Could it be that I just need to change our total focus that day? Could it be that I need to choose joy?… you know the kind the bible talks about. Where we are to be joyful in all circumstances. How much different would those days be?

I am so thankful for the reminders I am given… I am not promised tomorrow. How will I live today?


Still & Quiet before the Lord

Be still

I have had total writers block.  I write because I like to and because I feel God wants me to. And anytime God calls me to something I try to give it all I have got even if I don’t know the reason for the call. Lately, every time I sit down to write, I freeze up.  I can’t seem to find the words.

Today, it happened again.  And then I realized something.  This is no accident.  I have been praying that God would reveal what He wants me to write about.  And yet I sit here day after day staring at a blank page.

I believe it is because God is doing a work on my heart.  He is drawing me closer to Him.  He is making me over on the inside.  And for whatever reason, He wants me to stop thinking so much.  My best guess is that it’s because I think too much.   I mean honestly, I can’t turn my brain off.  And anytime that I sit down to “be still” before the Lord, I end up thinking of a million things.  Like how I need to be more patient, sleep more, what chores need to be done that day, and the list goes on.  But because I am not good at turning that off, I have not mastered the art of being still and listening to the Lord.  It is something that I have prayed for.  Something that I will have to work for.

Over the course of not writing I have been forced to be still every time I sit in attempt to write.  And God is showing me the joy and healing in being in His presence.  The peace that comes from silence.

I want to be closer to the Lord.  And I believe that this season of stretching me and teaching me the art of being still and quiet is part of what He will use to do just that.


health & fitness journey

Today was day one of a new health & fitness journey for me.  I have always loved working out.  I get up early most mornings to make sure I get a workout and devotions in. I have tried to eat a healthy diet.  But I recently have not been feeling as healthy.  Part of it is the fact that the holidays were just here…  And I have a major sweet tooth. The other part is that I have hit a bit of a rut.  I need something different.  A new challenge.  Renewed motivation.

This morning my neighbor and I started a new workout program that is quite intense.  I am super excited to do it together. I can’t hit snooze because she is coming over.  And she pushes me.  It’s good.  I want to get more muscle definition, become stronger, have more endurance and expand my lung capacity which is good for my asthma.  Those are a lot of goals.  But with each day that I work hard and give it all I’ve got, I get closer and closer to achieving those goals.  I become healthier.

Now back to that sweet tooth…  I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to eat it.  Not so much anymore.  And not just from a gain a few pounds aspect, but also I just don’t feel as good when I am not eating well. I am more sluggish, moody even. And I start to crave carbohydrates and sugar.  It’s a hard habit for me to break. Food really affects us.  It is quite crazy.  This year I want to focus on saying no to sugar, soda, processed foods, white flower.  And focus on eating whole, healthy foods.  I know enough about nutrition, thanks to the passion my dad gave me, to know what actually happens on the inside of my body when I don’t eat well.  It affects so much more then the outward things I see – moodiness and feeling sluggish.

Why the blog post?  A few reasons.  Fist of all, accountability.  When I know I have put something out there, it holds me accountable.  It reminds me to make healthy choices.  Secondly, I wrote this for you.  I hope that there is someone out there that will be inspired to choose a healthier lifestyle.  To go on this fitness journey with me.

I need to keep in mind that changed does not happen over night (bummer).  I have to be consistent.  I have to work hard.  I have to make good decisions.  I also need to keep in mind that I will totally blow it.  And that is totally okay! But when I do, I need to get up the next day and be thankful that each day starts fresh and new.  And with that, I need to get back on track and give it all I got.

I want this year to be different then those past.  I want to take my health and fitness to a new level.  I want to do it for me but also my family.  A healthier me is a gift to those around me. So with that said, let’s do this!!!


New Year

So it’s a New Year.  Welcome 2015! I always get excited for a New Year as I look forward to all it has in store.

My last blog post was about New Years resolutions.  And the importance of making them.  I have a list.  A good one.

But there is only one thing on my list that is worth mentioning.  That is to walk with The Lord and draw near to Him.  If I focus on that, the rest will fall I to place.  My life will head in the direction that God has intended it to.  I will be more patient.  I will love others well.  I will be better with my time.  I will be a good mom, a good wife and a good friend. I will develop the fruit of the spirit: Galatians 5:22-23a “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.”

As far as the goals that include eat healthier, continue to work out, learn to relax, etc. Those are good too.  But they are not going to be the focus of this New Year for me.

I think writing down all the little ones help to motivate me.  But if I focus too much on them, they take away from the one thing I really want in this life.

And if at the end of 2015, I look back and see that my faith has grown, that my walk with God is stronger, and that I am striving to be all that God has made me, I have had a successful year.

The rest of my goals are a bonus.  But I will not allow them to be distractions.  For they are not what define me nor are they what measure my success or who I am.  That all comes from The Lord.  And Him alone.

Happy New Year friends!


Realistic New Years Resolutions

The year is coming to a close. So what do I do? I reflect. First, I look back on the year and I thank God for all the ways in which He has blessed me. I count my blessings. I praise Him for all the things He has done in and through me. Secondly, I take some time to look at the things I would have liked to do differently. This is the part where it could be easy to get discouraged. This is the reason I think so many people just don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. People often say they never keep them anyways. One reason for that is that we often set the bar too high for ourselves. Setting goals that sound amazing but are really hard to obtain. We put so much pressure on ourselves to meet these goals or else we are deemed a failure. Incapable of reaching the goals we set.

new years

*This is a quote that I got from Facebook*

Wow, can I relate to that!  That sums it up so perfectly.

I have always made New Year’s Resolutions. I have done it all different ways. Sometimes leaving myself less then challenged while other times leaving myself feeling like I can’t do anything right.

I think that New Year’s Resolutions are important because they challenge me to be the best that I can be. Many times the same ones appear on my list year after year. But that does not mean I failed. Some things are lifelong goals. And year after year if we continue to strive for change, we are inching our way towards it. Most real life change, most change that is worth mentioning, takes time. It is not a makeover occurring from one day to the next. Most change occurs from taking steps every day, year after year.

Here are some examples of goals that you might find on my list of New Year’s Resolutions. Realistic Resolutions. You’ll notice they are not followed by the words “every day”.   Because that is not realistic. I am then setting myself up to fail.

1) Spend more time with the Lord

2) Workout and eat healthy

3) Work on being more patient

4) Learn to relax

5) Live life to the fullest

6) Choose Joy

7) Read more

You get the idea.

Some might ask why I waste my time making goals that just reoccur. Well, for me, it helps me to stay focused on things that are important. It challenges me to continue to seek change. To not become just okay with the way things are but to strive for more than okay. To want lifelong change. To want to better myself. Each year, there are things I look back on that I would like to change. But at the same time there are many things that I look back on and know I worked hard. That I tried. And if I allow it to, each triumph as well as each shortfall in my eyes will make me stronger. Because with each step I take and with each year that goes by, I am striving to be all that God has made me to be.

If I never took the time to set goals, I probably wouldn’t take the time to reflect. And for me, there is so much to be learned from both.

Happy New Year, friends! May this year be a year where we seek to become all we were made to be.


a season to remember

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What a beautiful season Christmas is.  The snow.  The lights.  The music.  The people.  Jesus.

This season is also one where people reflect.  On life.  On blessings.  But also on loss.  The holidays bring up a certain reminder that there are people in our lives that are gone.  That will not be celebrating this beautiful season with us.

Today is my day to remember.

I was watching my two precious girls running down the hall and my eyes filled up with tears.  My other precious little girl is not here.  And I miss her. I so wish that I could have her for one Christmas.  I will never forget holding her, loving her. I loved every second.  I hold each memory as a precious gift.  I am forever changed by the blessing of the time I got to be her mommy.

I remember my Nonnie, my moms mom.  What a wonderful women she was.  It is still so hard to believe that she is gone.  Up in heaven celebrating the birth of Our Lord in person with Him.  But today, I miss her. She loved me so much.  She always believed in me.  She was one of my biggest cheerleaders.  She was an example to me of how to love people well.  How to be selfless.  She enriched my children’s lives by the love she poured out for them.  And, wow, did she love Jesus.   I could go on and on and on and on.   The memories that I hold in my heart are some of my greatest treasures.  The legacy that she left is one of my greatest gifts.  Nonnie, we miss you.  Thank you for the precious memories and the legacy of faith that you left.  Enjoy celebrating the birth of Jesus while sitting in His presence.

Inside your heart, there is a special spot that will forever belong to them and only them.  That sport starts out as an empty hole.  A painful reminder of what was lost.  But as God brings healing, He allows the emptiness to be filled with memories.  Wonderful memories of that loved one we lost.  The healing part takes time and the once empty spot still contains a certain amount of tenderness.  And it can start to hurt at any moment for any reason. The holidays usually hit that tender spot, reminding us of the joyous memories while also binging to our attention that we miss them and that they are not here.   And this leads to reflection.  Often times tears.  I used to wish it didn’t hurt, that I would stop crying.  But now I believe that each tear I cry and each time I remember so deeply to where I feel it with my whole heart, I am honoring them.  I am remembering the person that they were and the impact that they had on my life.

This is a season to remember.